I wireframed, an in-browser web application, with the knowledge that the property would expand in the future, require multiple instances, and encompass three different third-party integrations. After phase I launched to positive user-panel reviews, I provided a full market analysis before phase II to ensure that the next phase would boost SMH’s margins and meet the community’s healthcare needs. Afterward, I outlined a multi-channel content strategy plan to direct public and private payers to the expanded property and outlined the new product’s architecture. After 22 months, Advent Health grossed $7.4 million from patient appointments made on the website.

Example Mockup

Phase I: Application Flow Architecture

Below is a section of the application flow document. This defines the flow of the web application based on the target audiences' preferences, ensuring accountability for all required functionality.

UI Design Flows

UI design for the functionality for the results page. The color blue designates an active state.

Phase II: Market Profile

Sample of the market analysis (a 60-page document)

Phase II: Strategy Plan

From the market analysis, I outlined the structure of the future site, its content strategy pillars, and a testing plan. Below is a small sample of the full document (40+ pages), with some information redacted to protect my client.